The Meticulous Geek

Lime (it's alive)

19 November 2013

A few weeks ago I got rid of my WordPress install and replaced it with Dropplets. I had two main goals: make it easier to write and publish posts and decrease the page load time. I accomplished the former but didn’t do too well on the latter. Although Dropplets seems to be a bit faster it’s not really as speedy as I hoped it would be.

Then, not too long ago I ran into ipsum genera which in turn led me to Jekyll and the idea of a static site generator was appealing. However, I’m not a big fan of Ruby nowadays and I needed a new pet project for Go anyway so I did a basic port of a subset of features and lime was born.

Porting the code to Go was a fun experience. I’m not very experienced in Ruby and my Go is not much better. The last time I wrote something in Ruby must’ve been years ago and I’ve only started using Go a month or two back. On the Ruby side, it was fun to relearn a bit of Ruby and check out some of the more exotic stuff of the language. On the Go side, it was a lot of fun (and looking into the documentation) to figure out how to do even some of the more basic stuff (like checking if a directory exists).

Anyway, lime is working now for me, I’m generating this site with it and now I also have accomplished my second goal of making it faster. Writing stuff is still easy using markdown and I can just upload the output directory to my host and that’s it.